Goal Tracker

My goal for 2018 is to ride 4200 miles (6760 kms) and 420 different roads.
Totals are updated each month on this page.



Total distance January: 357 kms (222 miles)

Total distance 2018: 357 kms (222 miles)

Different roads ridden January: 52

Different roads ridden 2018: 52

Note: I did not ride at all in the first 13 days because I was very unwell. But I did ride 17 of the last 19 days of the month. Not only was I sick for the whole month, but it was also very hot (which in Oz means over 35C most days and over 40C on 8 days of the month). So, it’s not the best start, and we are behind, but we’ll take it!


Total distance February: 694 kms (431 miles)

Total distance 2018: 1051 kms (653 miles)

Different roads ridden February: 36

Different roads ridden 2018: 88

Note: We nearly doubled our distance on January. It’s a short month, but we chipped away at the overall goal by riding 20-30 kms most days after work. I’m happy to have done a couple rides over 70 kms in length and a short overnight, but we are still a long way from doing the sort of riding we did before I got sick last December. March is usually a good weather period for riding, so we’ll see what we can do!


Total distance March: 592 kms (368 miles)

Total distance 2018: 1643 kms (1021 miles)

Different roads ridden March: 60

Different roads ridden 2018: 148

Note: The weather has been good. My energy levels have not. The big ride out of Tallangatta and then the day surgery procedures wiped me out for a good ten days. Still, we got in some overnight and weekend rides – which were desperately needed. I despair if I can’t get out for nights in the tent in March and April when our weather is good. We need to be at about 1700 kms in total to keep pace with our year-long goal; so, considering all of the fatigue, sleep and digestion issues, I’m happy with where we are at.


Total distance April: 214 kms (345 miles)

Total distance 2018: 1857 kms ( 1154 miles)

Different roads ridden April: 37

Different roads ridden 2018: 185

Note: April was a terrible month. The ‘tour that wasn’t’ put me off the road while my rim got fixed and I got my attitude readjusted. We also lost daylight savings which means it gets dark shortly after leaving work. So I lost a whole lot of motivation after the aborted tour, the darkness and my continuing sickness. We may not make our goal this year, but maybe the goal is going to become “ride as much as possible but not so much that brings on post-exertional malaise.”


Total distance May:  355 kms (220 miles)

Total distance 2018:  2212 kms (1375 miles)

Different roads ridden April: 38

Different roads ridden 2018: 223

Note: Kilometres were still low, but I am finding out the distance and difficulty that I can ride without bringing on post-exertion crashes. I turned my attitude around this month, and even though I had a terrible cold for a week or so, I got back to the bike as soon as possible and started riding more frequently in the last part of the month. The final ride of the month showed that we are very, very slowly getting better and can most likely maintain this level of activity, or a bit more, without causing any relapses. The Bureau of Meteorology is also forecasting a drier than normal winter, so I do have hope we may be able to get in more riding than we normally do in June and July. Fingers crossed!


Total distance June:  467 kms (290 miles)

Total distance 2018:  2708 kms (1682 miles)

Different roads ridden June: 31

Different roads ridden 2018: 254

The weather was good for June. While we are falling further behind on our goal, this still seemed respectable. I’m getting a little better at listening to my body. It is frustrating, but hopefully it means we can avoid the days when we feel really poor after pushing too hard.


Total distance July:  403 kms (250 miles)

Total distance 2018:  3111 kms (1933 miles)

Different roads ridden July: 18

Different roads ridden 2018: 272

Just one long day ride this month. I felt really horrible for two weeks of this month, and it was quite cold and damp (but not wet) which did not make me want to ride either. I felt like I had lost all of the recovery I’d gained since February. I had one day I never made it out of bed. I’ve abandoned my riding goal for the year – I’ve got no chance of making it. I just want to feel like myself again – I am so unwell.


Total distance August:  223 kms (139 miles)

Total distance 2018:  3334 kms (2072 miles)

Different roads ridden August: 13

Different roads ridden 2018: 285

August was cold. August was wet – not enough to make a difference in rain deficits, but enough to keep me off the bike. I had to back way off because I was still feeling pretty bad. It took me all month to recover from the relapse in July.  No one wants to know about how shit you feel. Friends distance themselves; people turn away or don’t ask. You figure out where your support system lies pretty quickly! I never complain when people talk about their kids, since that is their life. But I can’t talk about how crap I feel. So yeah, I feel pretty shit. I have for more than 9 months. But I really am riding as much as I can – as much as my body will allow. It is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever had to endure.