2015 Rides – Oct Ride 1 – Day 1

Corowa to Berrigan via Rennie

Saturday October 3, 2015, 56 miles (91 km) – Total so far: 252 miles (406 km)

The heat and the flies get unbearable during summer out on the plains. So the plan is to head out to Berrigan before the weather heats up. I’ve never been out that way before, and even though it’s not mountainous, I figure there will be something interesting to see. Regardless, it will be all new roads to me. Read more

2015 Rides – Oct Ride 1 – Day 2

Berrigan to Corowa via Savernake

Sunday October 4, 2015, 55 miles (88 km) – Total so far: 307 miles (494 km)

Daylight savings started overnight. So technically, first light is at 6.20am. But I don’t care what the clock says, I’m packing in the dark and on the road as the purple of the sky goes grey, then white, then pink. It is supposed to get quite hot today and I want to take the main highway back east for about 20 miles to start the day. It is fairly heavily travelled and has no shoulders for much of the distance, so I want to get down the road and back on quieter roads before everyone gets up. Read more

2015 Rides – Oct Ride 2 – Day 1

Corowa to Morgan’s Lookout via Goombargana West and Walbundrie

Monday October 12, 2015, 52 miles (84 km) – Total so far: 359 miles (578 km)

Another weekend, another ride. This weekend’s ride is brought to you by the letters “B”, “G” and “W”. Our ride takes us through the localities of Goombargana West, Walbundrie and Glossop on Monday; Tuesday sees us pass through Walla Walla, Burrumbuttock, Brocklesby and Balldale. Read more

2015 Rides – Oct Ride 2 – Day 2

Morgan’s Lookout to Corowa via Burrumbuttock, Brocklesby and Balldale

Tuesday October 13, 2015, 49 miles (79 km) – Total so far: 408 miles (656 km)

I wake in the dull grey of pre-dawn. Wisps of fog settle about the edges of the creek and coat the tent in moisture. I should get up. There’s a good chance of headwinds today. We could get in some miles before the commuter traffic and the wind pick up. But I’m warm and comfy and not motivated. So I sleep for another hour. The sun is up but not reaching my tent site when I finally get the day started at 7am. Read more

2015 Rides – Oct Ride 3 – Day 1

Corowa to Everton via Eldorado

Sunday October 18, 2015, 46 miles (74 km) – Total so far: 454 miles (731 km)

The hill-climbing on the Burrumbuttock-Brocklesby Road last weekend has reawakened my climbing genes. I love climbing hills. My personality is one of those driven by the need for accomplishment and the feeling of a job well done. I love the satisfaction that comes from finishing an ascent and the rip-roaring adrenalin rush that comes from flying down the other side.

So this weekend, let’s head for the hills! Let’s find some new roads, new vistas, new hills! Read more

2015 Rides – Oct Ride 3 – Day 2

Everton to Corowa via Beechworth, Mt Pilot NP and Chiltern

Monday October 19, 2015, 52 miles (84 km) – Total so far: 506 miles (814 km)

Thankfully, there are no sulphur-crested cockatoos hanging about. There is no raucous screeching in the trees. First light brings gentle conversations, warbles and calls from less obnoxious birds. I pack quickly to the sounds of life beginning to stir – as if I was on tour and actually had a routine. None of the grey nomads has yet stirred, however. Read more

2015 Rides – Oct Ride 4 – Day 1

Corowa to Wangaratta via Springhurst

Saturday October 24, 2015, 41 miles (66 km) – Total so far: 547 miles (880 km)

The nearest movie theatre to the crappy little town where I’m living is about 40 miles away. I want to see the movie “The Martian”. I could drive. Or I could ride there instead. If I ride, on the return, I could check out more of the dirt roads in the national park where we had so much fun last weekend. Okay, sounds like a plan. Read more

2015 Rides – Oct Ride 4 – Day 2

Wangaratta to Corowa via the Barambogie Range

Sunday October 25, 2015, 48 miles (78 km) – Total so far: 595 miles (958 km)

As spring slides into summer… No, wait. We never had a spring this year. It went straight from winter to summer. Let’s try this: the landscape is drying out. The vibrancy is beginning to dull. The bright green has gone olive or brown. The plant life is beginning to draw back to its endurance phase for summer – which, in this part of Australia, lasts for about half of the year. Read more

2015 Rides – Nov Ride 1 – Day 1

Jindera to Pleasant Hills via Henty

Monday November 2, 2015, 55 miles (89 km) – Total so far: 650 miles (1,047 km)

Much-needed rain comes in heavy downpours and storms on Saturday and Sunday. So where to go on Monday and Tuesday? I’m avoiding Victoria. It is Melbourne Cup Weekend. On Tuesday, the ‘race that stops the nation’ gives the state of Victoria a public holiday for the equivalent of the Kentucky Derby. The kiddos have Monday and Tuesday off school. So many Victorians will be taking a very long weekend to go camping or travelling. Read more

2015 Rides – Nov Ride 1 – Day 2

Pleasant Hills to Jindera via Walla Walla

Tuesday November 3, 2015, 40 miles (64 km) – Total so far: 690 miles (1,111 km)

The dew drips onto the grass from the tent fly. The inside condensation drips onto the main tent body. The humid air is still, but definitely not silent. The parrot family is greeting the morning with its normal raucous screeching.

The sun makes its way up over the horizon and then crests the toilet block. I awake while the tent is still in shade. I’ve slept hard and sound; somehow I concocted the perfect pillow out of my spare clothing and had no lumps under my sleeping pad. It is rare to get it perfect! Read more