2017 Disjointed – Another ride with Don

Wednesday, 19 April, 12 miles (19 km)

The weather has been perfect for days now. The smoke hasn’t been as bad this year as some. I’ve been riding everyday and soaking it all in. It won’t last.

I organise to ride a short section of the High Country Rail Trail with my friend Don. It will only be a 20 km ride from the town of Tallangatta to the Sandy Creek Rail Trail bridge and back. But there are more gentle hills than our ride to Rutherglen the other day, so a bit shorter of a ride will be better for Don. Read more

2017 Disjointed – The Australia Finale

Sunday, 7 May, 45 miles (72 km)

The weather is perfect for a final ride in the ag areas northwest of home. I love the big blue sky and want one final ride north of Walbundrie. Montana claims a big blue sky, but it is not nearly as big and blue as Oz. This big blue sky stretches across a continent – you don’t run into much west of here until you hit the bicycle lifers over in Perth. Read more

2017 Disjointed – Test Reassembly

Thursday, 18 May, 25 miles (40 km)

Whenever I’ve ridden a big pass on a bike tour, like Beartooth in Wyoming or Trail Ridge Road in Colorado, I’ve written up a cue sheet based on info I could gather. The cue sheet would let me know just where I was at in the ride and how far I had to go to reach the pass or summit. It would also give me an idea of how hard each section would be to complete. Read more

2017 Disjointed – June and July

Not good. I’ve been on the bike very little and haven’t ridden more than 10 miles each time the past two months. I’ve been concentrating on trying to make a life in America work somehow. I have not been successful. It has been a very frustrating time. It looks like I may have to return to Australia. It turns out you can be away from your birth country long enough that returning is impossible. Read more