2017 Disjointed – The Australia Finale

Sunday, 7 May, 45 miles (72 km)

The weather is perfect for a final ride in the ag areas northwest of home. I love the big blue sky and want one final ride north of Walbundrie. Montana claims a big blue sky, but it is not nearly as big and blue as Oz. This big blue sky stretches across a continent – you don’t run into much west of here until you hit the bicycle lifers over in Perth. Read more

2017 Disjointed – Test Reassembly

Thursday, 18 May, 25 miles (40 km)

Whenever I’ve ridden a big pass on a bike tour, like Beartooth in Wyoming or Trail Ridge Road in Colorado, I’ve written up a cue sheet based on info I could gather. The cue sheet would let me know just where I was at in the ride and how far I had to go to reach the pass or summit. It would also give me an idea of how hard each section would be to complete. Read more