Colorado 2010 – Reflecting on what I’ve learned

Camping up the Poudre

Saturday July 10, 2010

After Mom, Dad, Brian and Karen head back home on the 9th, I’ve got a few days before my flight leaves on the 13th. Jen’s still away working on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and after I’ve caught up with my other friend from college who still lives in town, I decide I’ll head back up the Poudre Canyon fully-loaded and spend a couple of my last few nights camping. Read more

The motivation to move – Conclusion

The End: Flying back to Oz

Tuesday July 13, 2010

I’ve been draped over a few chairs near the Southwest baggage claim area for quite a few hours now. I’ve got a nine-hour layover in L.A. My bike box and backpack are at my feet and I’ve watched many happy reunions from many planeloads of passengers. The elderly traveller’s aid volunteer has seen me here on each lap of her territory. Finally, on about her 5th lap she comes over to talk to me. Countless laps later, at the end of her shift, she brings me a luggage cart so I won’t have to lug my stuff outside and scrounge a freshly deserted cart for free. Read more