Range Roaming: A Nerd Unleashed – Conclusion

The End: Final Thoughts

Thursday August 29, 2013

Here are my final thoughts sent as an email update to family and friends:

And so now it is all over. I am more proud of finishing this ride than anything else I’ve ever done. Of the 4421 miles, I only had to walk 3 of them. I gritted out crazy winds and pedalled through every form of precipitation. I rode in cold so chilly my fingers were too stiff to shift or brake. I climbed up hills so tough I only made it drawing on a deep determination and by repeating the mantra “See the beauty – strength through pain”. But I also flew down descents so fun I laughed out loud. I rolled up to mountain passes so gorgeous I was left speechless. I travelled through landscapes so grand and encompassing they brought tears to my eyes. Read more