2017 Disjointed – June and July

Not good. I’ve been on the bike very little and haven’t ridden more than 10 miles each time the past two months. I’ve been concentrating on trying to make a life in America work somehow. I have not been successful. It has been a very frustrating time. It looks like I may have to return to Australia. It turns out you can be away from your birth country long enough that returning is impossible.

I do have the return portion of my airline ticket back to Oz (I purchased a round-trip ticket instead of one-way back in January since it was only $20 more – maybe that was fortuitous). If I cannot get something going very soon, it looks like I will be going back to Oz on 24 August. I am welcome back at my old workplace, so that eases my mind for that bit. However, after doing the hard yards emotionally to leave, it really sucks not to be able to make a go of things in the US. Going back to Oz will break my parents’ hearts.

So the guys and I have done some hiking among all the job and apartment searching, so here’s a few pics to show you that we are still alive. I do have an 8-day tour in Colorado planned out for August if nothing job-wise pans out before 8 August. So maybe August we will get back on track… at least cycling-wise.

Sunset from my parent’s place
Ward Lake, Grand Mesa, Colorado. I would really like to tour up this one someday – though it is ranked the third hardest climb in the state. Absolutely gorgeous, but needs to be done in spring or fall as the mozzies would annihilate you on a climb in summer.
Crag Crest Trail on Grand Mesa is a must-do.
Lost Lake, Grand Mesa

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