2017 Disjointed – August and September


So what is there to say about August? More emotional rollercoaster but I did manage about 100 miles of day rides before I did a week-long ride with 7 mountain passes. With little pre-ride fitness, the first two days and two passes were painful. Everything but my butt came good on Day 3 and the rest of the ride was a joy (except for my poor butt which protested all 385 miles).

I am now back in Oz. I should procure a job and a place to live in the next one to two weeks, then life should get back on track again. What a screwed-up year 2017 has been!


Nothing worth writing about – just a few short rides here and there. Just getting life set up again in Oz, going back to work and catching my metaphorical breath after an intense six months….

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