Colorado 2010 – Day 52

Breckenridge to Hot Sulphur Springs: The bad mood day

Saturday June 26, 2010, 72 miles (116 km) – Total so far: 2,026 miles (3,261 km)

I’m heading down the bikepath to Frisco before the sun is up. The bikepath is a bit confusing but because we’ve driven to Frisco in the days before, it makes it easier to find my way. The sun is up and throwing sparkles across Lake Dillon as I twist and curve along the bike path there. The path down to Silverthorne from the dam wall is not really marked and I’m just lucky to see a break in the concrete barriers and a path leading off that direction. Almost missed it! It’s a steep, switchback path down past a ballfield. Read more

Colorado 2010 – Day 53

Hot Sulphur Springs to Walden: 3 moose sightings in 3 hours

Sunday June 27, 2010, 61 miles (99 km) – Total so far: 2,087 miles (3,359 km)

Another pre-dawn start. Jen and company don’t want to go early, but I’m happy to beat the predicted headwinds again, thanks. There is fog along the river and I have the road completely to myself as I watch the sun rise over the mountains. I ride out in the lane in the sweet spot of the tire groove. I am passed by one overtaking car and see one oncoming car in the 8 miles between Hot Sulphur Springs and the turn-off for Hwy 125. I love this silence where the only sound is my tires on the pavement and the whir of the freewheel when I coast on a downhill. I feel like my head is free and all the thoughts that normally clutter it just disappear into the early morning atmosphere of silence. It is not often I can turn my brain off, so I relish the times like these when my head actually shuts up for a moment. Read more

Colorado 2010 – Day 54

Walden to Rustic: Heading back into familiar territory

Monday June 28, 2010, 58 miles (93 km) – Total so far: 2,145 miles (3,452 km)

Jen has decided to ride with me today to ensure she makes it to Rustic by noon. One of her supervisors has been hassling her to cut her holiday short and return to work since the day we were in Fairplay. There aren’t many people in Jenny’s profession and they really need her to head down to the Gulf of Mexico to do some work on the wildlife and policy side of the oil spill disaster. Read more

Colorado 2010 – Day 55

Rustic to Fort Collins: Is it really over?

Tuesday June 29, 2010, 43 miles (69 km) – Total so far: 2,188 miles (3,521 km)

The day starts like every other on the trip so far. It is incomprehensible that this is the last day of the tour. It’s another early morning start to ride into Fort Collins from Rustic. There’s a lot of downhill cruising as I follow the river through the canyon and recall many memories of outdoor fun had up here all through college. Read more