Montana 2014 Part 2 – Day 73 – Holland Lake CG – Seeley Lake: Backtracking

Thursday July 31, 2014, 29 miles (47 km) – Total so far: 3,555 miles (5,722 km)

My former boss spent a sabbatical at the University of Montana in Missoula some years ago. His wife is a retired schoolteacher. While they were living in Missoula, they met and became friends with Nancy. When my former boss found out I’d be touring Montana this summer, he went over maps with me to figure out places I should visit. He also put me in touch with Nancy. She lives most of the time in Missoula but has a cabin at Seeley Lake. I’m going to meet her tomorrow afternoon.

So today we casually head back that way, stopping at many of the lakes along the way to take in the view. Along the way we meet an English chap riding the Great Divide Route. He’s having a great time, though the riding is harder than he thought it would be. Apparently, there’s a section of the route in the mountains that is in pretty bad shape – that’s why I’m seeing all the riders down on the paved road instead.

We spend the night at the campground just north of Seeley Lake – it’s actually quieter than the Holland Lake Campground even though it has more sites.

Verne hanging out at Seeley Lake before all the motorized watercraft get going for the day.

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