Montana 2014 Part 2 – Day 74/75 – Seeley Lake: 8/1 – 8/2: Friend of a friend

Friday August 1, 2014

On Friday, I hang out by Seeley Lake most of the day. I’m meeting Nancy in the afternoon. A Great Divide rider comes over and sits down beside me and we have a great conversation. He’s from California and has gotten behind schedule and is now wondering if he’ll just finish up in Kalispell instead of the Canadian border. He’s had issues with saddle sores and has found the ride more challenging than anticipated. He’s enjoyed it, though. He’s trying to figure out a way to get his long-time girlfriend interested in cycle touring. Midway through our conversation, a man from a family of six brings us over a huge veggie and dip platter. The family has hardly touched it, and rather than throw it away, he brings it over to us. He assumes correctly that cyclists are always hungry.

Nancy is an inspiring woman who has done all sorts of adventures, including off-road cycle tours. For the next two days, she totally spoils me with tons of good food and hikes up in the Swan Range. The bear grass looks like big fluffy candlesticks and is blooming everywhere. I also get the chance to have a close-up look at more ripple marks in all of the Belt rock that comprises the range. Good stuff!

Hiking with Nancy. This is my former supervisor’s friend. He hooked us up. She has a cabin in Seeley Lake and I spend a couple days hiking with her. She is a very inspirational lady whom has done all sorts of adventures, including a bunch of off-road bike touring.



Crescent Lake


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