The residual refrain: Conclusion

Saturday April 22, 2017

The song below has been the refrain of the Residual Refrain. It’s the song that’s resonated the most over the past few months.

You know how the last sticky bits of a Band-Aid hurt the most when you pull it off?

Well, that feeling is sort of the backdrop to the Residual Refrain.

I have known since September 2015 that big changes to my life were coming. At the time, I didn’t have a timeline or even a real defined idea of what would need to be done. Since that time, it has felt like I’ve been very slowly and painfully pulling a Band-Aid off a wound. Right now, at the time of this tour, we are right at the end of that. Those last sticky bits hurt the most.

But, you know what comes after you get that Band-Aid off, right? That raw wound scabs over, the scab falls off and you are left with just a scar and a story.

So we are heading toward the healing and a scar that will tell the story of what I did with my life during my 20s and 30s.

Of course, there will be more stories; there will be more wounds and scars. But there will always be new roads to ride, and a chick on a bike with a turtle and frog ready to go for a ride.

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