When all else fails… – Epilogue

So I’m back to life in Oz. I managed in two weeks what I could not manage in four months in America: work and a place to live.

I’ve been flat out getting everything set up again – I’ve done more shopping in two weeks than I would normally prefer in five years. I now own a fridge, required homewares, a bookshelf and have started a small herb garden in pots. I’ve registered the car, stocked the pantry and done a million mundane things. I’ve started back to work – there is more work than I’ll ever get done, and there’s six months of stuff to catch up on! No one touched anything while I was away – so it is good to get back to interesting work and plenty of it!

Most importantly, I got a good deal on a phone/data plan and have unlimited calls to the US. I can call my parents weekly now (we are not daily chatters, even if I were in the US). I can check in and feel closer, even if I am not there physically.

I see my new welcome mat as symbolic of a new stage in life. Don’t ask where I’m heading yet. I was so focused on a life in America that I never considered I’d fail and need a Plan B.


I do know one thing: Plan B will have more new roads to ride. I will return to my quest of riding a portion of every secondary road within 125 kms of Albury. I’ll keep filling in my map (see pic below).


Hello, Plan B.

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