4,000 for 40 – January 2016 Goal Summary

To make my goal of riding 4,000 miles this year, with 4,000 kilometres within that being loaded touring… I need to ride 350 miles each month, including 350 kilometres of touring: 350 miles/kms x 12 months = 4200 miles/kmsSo for January (including Feb 1, since that was part of a 3-day ride) I rode:

Unloaded Miles: 32.5
Loaded Miles: 312 (502 km)
Total Miles Ridden: 344.5

This means we are on track with our goals – a tad behind in the total needed, but ahead on the loaded side. I went into it thinking any miles in January would be a bonus since it is often too hot to want to ride, so I’m very happy with the results. I also lost a kilogram of weight.

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