4,000 for 40 – Nov 2016 Goal Summary

To make my goal of riding 4,000 miles this year, with 4,000 kilometres within that being loaded touring…

I need to ride 350 miles each month, including 350 kilometres of touring: 350 miles/kms x 12 months = 4200 miles/kms

So for November I rode:
November Unloaded Miles: 35 miles
November Loaded Miles: 328 miles (528 kms)
November Total Miles Ridden: 363 miles

Year to Date Unloaded: 1249 miles
Year to Date Loaded: 2655 miles (4273 kms)
Year to Date Total Miles: 3904 miles

November was an absolutely crazy month at work. Never ever project manage a software upgrade if you are not an I.T. person. Phew! I went in early and left late many days this month, so there were not many after-work rides. I also had a stomach bug that reduced the third weekend of the month to a mere 25 miles.

We will hit our 4,000 miles total the first weekend in December on another tough ride. There will be some celebrations in store…..

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