4,000 for 40 – September 2016 Goal Summary

To make my goal of riding 4,000 miles this year, with 4,000 kilometres within that being loaded touring…

I need to ride 350 miles each month, including 350 kilometres of touring: 350 miles/kms x 12 months = 4200 miles/kms

So for September I rode:
September Unloaded Miles: 205 miles
September Loaded Miles: 0 miles (0kms)
September Total Miles Ridden: 205 miles

Year to Date Unloaded: 1111 miles
Year to Date Loaded: 1919 miles (3088 kms)
Year to Date Total Miles: 3030 miles

At the beginning of the year, I knew September would be a very low mileage month since I was going to be away for the first 19 days. I did do four days of riding with my friend Jen in that time, but mileage was short since we had the baby along. The last 10 days of the month didn’t see many miles either – it was just too wet, too dark after work or I was at work.

Still, we are right on track to meet our yearly goal IF we pick up the pace and get back to riding 350 miles/kms each month for the rest of the year.

I must say that this winter and spring have had the most challenging riding conditions since 2010/11 – the only other year since I’ve lived in Oz when it was really wet. Normally, the husband and I get in our first spring camping somewhere between 1 and 8 August. This year there haven’t been any suitable weekends yet, even when I was away! It still feels like late winter instead of mid-spring! We’ve even got the fire going today.

September was the wettest on record – with rain on 20 of 30 days and 142mm of rain (average is 10 days of rain and less than 60mm). It was also the wettest September on record 45 minutes downriver where I work (where records go back to the 1880s).The forecast is for continued cool and wet conditions through October – thank you, Indian Ocean Dipole. Everything is absolutely saturated and there is continued flooding in many places… including for our poor crazyguy Tony Cullimore down in Tasmania. I doubt he’s been able to rack up many kilometres lately either!


Here’s to a drier October and the chance to get back to loaded rides!

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