Nebraska 2010 – Day 22

Rock Creek Station Historical Park: Just thinking and doing nothing

Thursday May 27, 2010

What should I do today? I could explore the trails a bit more and pick up some ticks; I could go for a ride to check out the surrounding area. Or I could do nothing. There’s a lot still churning in my head. In the end, I opt to do nothing. And it is a perfect day for it. It is sunny, 70 degrees and no wind.

I take ‘the office’ up to the picnic shelter, catch up on the journal, finish off most of my graduation gift ‘thank you’ notes, listen to the radio, and generally do nothing. There’s no one around, so it’s very quiet and peaceful and perfectly relaxing. I spend a bit of time thinking about how fortunate I am to be doing this ride and how happy I am. It’s been a long time since I felt this good. I fix a gourmet lunch of tomato, avocado and tinned chicken breast on garlic foccacia bread. Yum! Life is good.

I ring my husband late in the day, as he is waking up for the day (tomorrow) many thousands of miles away. The reception is a bit poor, but once I drag a picnic table out from under the shelter and stand on top of it, I can hear him clearly. The camp-host is out walking his dog and looks over and smiles. He has obviously seen other people communicating with the outside world while standing on one of the tables.

Very nice to see wispy fair-weather clouds instead of grey and rainy ones.

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