Nebraska 2010 – Day 25

Lexington: The Indy 500 and a Memorial Day weekend feast

Sunday May 30, 2010

Apparently, there were strong storms overnight and the tornado siren went off south of here. But I didn’t hear a thing. Based on the way my ear hurts, I probably never even rolled over all night. However, when I walk back over the interstate to gather some food for today, there are huge puddles everywhere, so it’s obvious they got some significant rain. The wind is also quite strong and out of the north. I just giggle inside knowing that I did 42 north-bound miles in less than 2 hours yesterday, and that if I’d had to do that today against this wind, it would have taken me the entire painful day.

I go into Walmart and get a bunch of food to munch on while I watch the Indy 500 back at the hotel. Being an Indiana girl, I grew up going to the track for practices and qualifications and listening to the race on the radio. I’ve been to the race a couple times, too. So, in the years since leaving Indiana, I always try to watch the race when I can. I always tear up when the fighter planes fly over the track, Jim Nabors launches into ‘Back home again in Indiana .’, and Mary Hulman-George says, ‘Gentleman, start your engines.’ I’ve watched the race from as far a field as Alaska and Australia – 2010 will be Lexington, Nebraska.

Memorial Day feast. I ate everything here except Verne and Kermit while I watched the Indy 500 on TV. I was still hungry. I’ve been eating like crazy and still losing weight on this trip.

Late in the day, even after my consumption of an entire vegetable garden, I’m still hungry so I head down to Wendy’s for a small chili, baked potato and a Frosty. It’s been a terrific day, and when everyone else has to head home tomorrow, I get to keep on riding….

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