Nebraska 2010 – Day 30

Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area: Lying on a picnic table all day

Friday June 4, 2010

It’s just as well that today’s a rest day. My chest is tight and wheezy all morning. I suspect it’s the cottonwoods setting my asthma off, since they are releasing all their ‘cotton’ when the wind blows. I spend the day snacking and lying on my Ridgerest in the dappled shade of the picnic table. I entertain the thought at one point of riding over to the powered campground for a shower, but because it’s so warm, I figure I’d be just as sweaty after the ride back. I don’t want to deal with that corrugated road either. Instead, I do some bike cleaning and maintenance and nap on the table.

Late in the afternoon, a park ranger comes by and stops at my table. He says, ‘I drove by this morning and you were lying on that picnic table. I drive by now and you are lying on the table. Have you moved at all today’? I laugh and say, ‘No, not really. Today was a rest day. So that’s what I did’. He laughs and then asks the usual questions – he says he doesn’t see many bike tourists out this way.

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