The motivation to move – The crew

The ride crew consists of: 


I am a 34-year-old chick who completed my PhD thesis – Exploring community-agency trust before, during and after a wildfire – in April 2010. I have always loved bicycles and being outdoors. I grew up in Indiana, went to college at Colorado State, and have lived in Australia since 2001. I love solitude and quiet, so a solo ride has always been the plan. I do have two quiet trip companions, however.

Companion 1: Verne

You may know Verne the turtle from the movie ‘Over the Hedge’. I met him when my husband brought him home from the shopping centre. My husband is a master of the ‘crane game’. As he plucked out a Cookie Monster as a surprise for me, Verne somehow clung onto Cookie’s tag and was ‘rescued’ from the Crane Game, too. I was impressed by Verne’s pluckiness and so when I was searching for a small, quiet trip companion who moved my speed, Verne got the nod.

Companion 2: Kermit

As a huge Jim Henson fan, I have always loved Kermit. I keep the song ‘The Rainbow Connection’ playing in the back of my head as I pursue my dreams. Kermit’s trip role is to be the ‘the mental health specialist’, sharing my ‘Rainbow Connection’ and reminding me when I’m feeling down that I’m living a long-held dream.

Verne and Kermit – the trip companions.

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