Range Roaming – Colorado 2013 – Days 114/115

Resting up with Mom: Salida – Aug 6 and 7

Tuesday August 6, 2013

My old Colorado State friend, Jen, is coming down on Wednesday night to ride the Silver Thread Scenic Byway with me. Originally, she was going to leave her car in Salida and my mom was going to drive her to Gunnison to meet me. We were then going to ride back to Salida.

However, Slumgullion Pass is freaking me out a bit. The grades heading south top 9 percent for many miles. I will be walking that for sure. Jen probably will be, too. Plus, I’m ahead of schedule, so I’m now in Salida instead of Gunnison. My mom can’t fit both Jen and me and all of our gear in her CRV to get to Gunnison. So, I spend some time on Tuesday looking to see if doing the route “backward” from Salida will work. It looks good.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday are spent hiking and hanging out with my Mom. We even go for a 25-mile bike ride. I don’t think I’ve ridden a bike with my Mom since I was in grade school!

Nerd Em and her mom (who is not nerdy at all)
Mom on a bike. This is one of her favourite routes. She does 25 miles a few times a week. The other days she volunteers or goes hiking.

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