Range Roaming – Illinois 2013 – Day 4

Waiting out weather: Havana to Havana

Thursday April 18, 2013

Severe weather is forecast again today. After racing thunderstorms to shelter the past couple days, I’m in no mood for it again today. So I book another night at the motel. At least I might finally get everything dry, too.

I head over to the supermarket to procure some food. As I enter, I hear the U2 song, “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” on the overhead speaker. It strikes me as funny. It doesn’t seem to be a good advertisement for a supermarket when you are heading in hoping to locate products!

So it rains all day, but there really is no severe weather or wind. So I could have ridden today, I guess. Tomorrow’s forecast actually looks worse – 20 to 30 mph winds out of the west and highs in the 30s. Maybe I should have gone today. Mentally, it’s nice to not to spend the day feeling in danger, though.

There is record flooding occurring on the Illinois River that comprises the west edge of town. The campsites at the park here in town are all flooded. Spring is incredibly late this year!

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