Range Roaming – Nebraska 2013 – Day 14

Waiting for the geology book: Louisville SRA to Louisville SRA

Sunday April 28, 2013

Before leaving Indiana, I packed up two envelopes for my parents to send me on the road. Each package contained geology books, maps and notes. The first package, covering Nebraska and South Dakota, was sent for me to pick up in Louisville. The second package covering Wyoming will be sent to Spearfish, SD.

Since it’s Sunday, I’ve got to hang out today and wait for the post office to open Monday morning. But that’s fine, we’ve got a lot of muddy gear to clean and laundry to do. And so goes our Sunday – laundry, relaxing, dead earthworm removal from just about every part of the bike, and a walk along the Platte River.

The best part of the day – temps are above average!! It is in the low 70s F, and I think I thaw for the first time in two weeks. Just what I needed. Thanks, weather gods!

Laundry day at Louisville State Recreation Area. I bring back the damp items from the laundromat and drape them all over. This is the first good drying day we’ve had so far on the trip.
We go for a walk along the Platte River. Kermit actually finds a little bit of green in the trees for the first time. Unfortunately, spring is so late this year, and we will keep heading north fast enough, that we won’t see leafed out trees until after Memorial Day on this trip.
Most people seem to come to this SRA to just camp or fish in one of the little lakes. There is also a canoe launch on the Platte River. For us, it was just nice not to be wet and cold for a couple days. I’m actually in shorts!

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