Range Roaming – Nebraska 2013 – Day 20

*#&@*!!! Waiting out 35mph crosswinds: York to York

Saturday May 4, 2013

The weather forecast last night included a wind advisory for today.

Yes, there were a few angry words thrown around in my head when I heard that. But I didn’t give up hope – I took the “we’ll just see what it’s like in the morning” approach.

Well, what we see from the window this morning are traffic lights being held out at a steep angle with the wind. The trees are all bent over to the south. I say a few things to myself. Curse word. Curse word. Curse word.

The Weather Channel ‘Local on the 8s’ says the wind is currently 30 gusting to 43 mph. Curse word. Curse word. Curse word. The weather radio indicates that such winds should last til around 5pm. More curse words.

I make the trip down to the front desk. Can I stay another night?

“No problems. Yes, we get this sort of wind a lot here, but not usually in May.” Curse word. Curse word. Curse word.

That night I call my parents (I text them every night to say I’m safe; I call them every 7-10 days), saying I’m safe but waiting out yet another weather delay.

My mom says, “Em, if you want me to come get you, I will. You don’t have to keep riding in weather like this. You can come home and I’ll drop you off later when the weather finally improves.”

Never mind that the drive would be more than one thousand miles each way. It is wonderful to know that you have such supportive family, who will go to the ends of the earth, or at least Nebraska, to help you.

But I’m in no need of rescue. Yes, I’m frustrated. But I definitely don’t have any intentions of quitting the ride. I just wish the weather would moderate a bit because all these motels are blowing my accommodation budget. And I much prefer to camp.

Could I have ridden today? Maybe. But it definitely wouldn’t have been safe, and I wouldn’t have gotten very far. If I need to sit out the weather to stay safe, I will. Knowing that I have such an amazing support system just makes me feel so thankful. It also makes me even more determined to keep riding, knowing that in just over a month’s time, I’ll be meeting my mom in Yellowstone for a couple weeks of fun. Come on spring time, give Ol’ Man Winter the boot!

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