Plan B – March Ride 1 – Day 3 – Total Elevation

4 March 2018

Kilometres: 74.13 kms (46 miles)

Total Kilometres 2018: 1193 kms (741 miles)

Day 3

I slept well last night. Even though I’m exhausted a lot, I don’t always sleep well at night. Why, body, are you betraying me? I give you lots of veggies and healthy stuff, I rarely drink alcohol, I don’t eat much red meat, and I give you some junk food on occasion. Stop being mean!

There are kangaroos and wallabies all over the place this morning. I hear them thumping off through the understory or spot them racing along the road or doing a last minute dart up or downhill. The forest is still beautiful and I still really like this road. It is a rollercoaster up and down the top of the ridge and plateau, but the forest looks healthy and there are really great views through the trees. The surface remains excellent. I will definitely come back to do this again as a day-ride loop from Old Tallangatta sometime when it is cooler! Read more

Plan B – Feb Ride 3 – Into the trough

25/26 February 2018

Kilometres: 108 kms (67 miles)

Total kilometres 2018: 1025 kms (637 miles)

We are on the edge of a trough. Rain is predicted to develop along that trough from 5-8pm. And then that low pressure trough is supposed to weaken overnight and leave a nice day in its wake tomorrow.

Well, just get to where you want to be by 5pm, right?

I can’t. I am going on a lunch cruise on Lake Mulwala 40 kms downstream from where I live at noon. By the time I get home, it will be 3 or 4pm. If we head out on the bike as soon as we get home from that, we’re still not going to be where we need to be by then.

So just do a couple day rides Sunday and Monday instead, right?

I can’t. I am overdue for an overnight ride, and I want to test myself with a light load on the bike. Plus it’s the first weekend with cool enough temps to contemplate such a thing in a long time.  So we are going to ride into that trough and just hope for the best. Read more

Plan B – Feb Ride 2 – Tour de Greta

12 February 2018

Kilometres: 54.92 (34 miles)

Total Kilometres 2018: 690 (429 miles)

The breeze is almost chilly and almost beyond moderate. It whirls stray strands of hair about my face as I stand in the rest area just outside of Glenrowan. I am thankful for that cool breeze – it has been an exceptionally hot summer. But oooh, riding in that wind? No one would think poorly of me if I just didn’t ride today. I’m going to be riding into that hair-whipper of a breeze for at least 20 kms.

But, no, it doesn’t matter what people think anyway. What will I think of myself? I drove down and paid for a motel room which really wasn’t in my ‘fun’ budget just so we could do two days of riding… so we need to make the most of this. Besides, I woke up feeling better than any time since I started feeling crappy in December. We have to go ride. That, and I can’t bring myself to disappoint the frog and turtle. Read more

Plan B – Feb Ride 1 – This is only a test

Sunday, 11 February, 2018

Kilometres: 87.02 (54 miles)

Total Kilometres for 2018: 635 (395 miles)

It was about 2 months ago that I started feeling poorly. It was about 3.5 weeks ago that I finally stopped feeling like death. My muscles and joints still continued to hurt and I was still very tired, but I knew the worst was behind me.

Well, things still hurt and I still get tired easily, but I want to test my body to see how well it is recovering. We’ve been riding 20-30 kms almost every evening on mostly flat ground. Can we go further? Can we add some hills? Read more