2017 Disjointed – Introduction


Thursday, 5 Jan, 2017

What do you see when you look down the length of 2017 all laid out before you? What sort of year do you think will unfold?

For me, the whole year from here, five days in, looks like it’s going to be a bit disjointed. It looks like various fragments of riding here and there, and this journal is meant to link those fragments together.

So there will be no big goals this year that have a unifying theme. I will continue trying to ride new roads each week, because I have had a blast working on that the last 18 months. But other than that, things are looking pretty fragmented. Here is how I see the year going from this point:

January – Freaking HOT. As always. Not much riding at all.
February – Perhaps a couple weekend overnights, and day rides when possible.
March – Maybe a short tour or several multi-day rides, depending on what I can coordinate with my older cycling friend and other commitments.
April – Ditto March.
May – Big challenges…..
June – September – Absolutely no clue whatsoever. It’s all a big blank space out there for now.

So follow along to see how the fragments fit together.


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