4,000 for 40 – Oct Ride 2 – The week that was

Friday October 7, 2016

So this is where I work. It was a crap week – another flood surge after one that lasted two weeks a couple weeks ago. But this flood was higher and our building cut off. We had to park elsewhere and take shuttles into the one area of high ground that gave access.

The flooding peaked on Friday just 20cm below major flood level. All week there was tremendous disruption at work. That may be an understatement. The water may be hanging around at a high level for weeks. That beautiful full Lake Hume was releasing 75,000 ML to 85,000 ML a day all week – causing extensive flooding downstream below the dam wall and meaning the water is waist-deep outside our building and almost 8 metres above normal levels.

So after a really crappy week of work, there was promise of two dry days in a row over the weekend. I started planning a route…. I haven’t been for an overnight ride since May! I am getting desperate and my quads and thighs are more than flabby. Let’s go!

The guys standing on the steps looking toward what would be a parking lot and a cricket oval.
Looking toward the main parking lot. Everywhere you see water should be dry. Below the Corowa flag you can see the water most of the way up a rubbish bin and just below the top of the picnic table. The water peaked at 7.81 (just 20 cm below major flood level). It’s been like this all week and the water is expected to stay this high for weeks.

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