Range Roaming – Wyoming 2013 – Day 60

Going to see my Mom!!!: Madison Jct campground to Grant Village, Yellowstone

Thursday June 13, 2013, 37 miles (59 km) – Total so far: 2,098 miles (3,376 km)

So I’ve ridden more than 2100 miles, haven’t done laundry in 10 days, haven’t showered in 3 days, and just spent the morning sweating my way up 1500+ feet of climbing to the Continental Divide (twice) while riding through rain and thunderstorms….

But my mom shows up right at noon and still gives her stinky daughter a huge hug and lets me get in the car with all of my wet, smelly gear! What a mom!

The crap weather comes and goes today, but we do manage to get in a nice hike to an overlook and waterfall at Biscuit Geyser Basin on our way to West Yellowstone.

I’ll be off the bike for a week while we explore Yellowstone and the Tetons together by car. I booked all of the motels and cabins back in January for these days. And even that was late for getting rooms in Yellowstone. Plan early if you don’t want a hiker biker site.

Our opinion was that Yellowstone has much better budget accommodation than the Tetons, but the Tetons has far superior dining options and general stores.

What a fun week – but my mom and I do feel quite done with Yellowstone after several days there. It’s a must-see place, but man, is it ever nuts!

I’m heading over to Grant Village today to meet my mom at 12pm at the visitor centre. She is coming from Colorado to spend two weeks with me. The weather is not great today. Not long after climbing to the first continental divide crossing, the rain closes in and I ride in rain and thunder for about 25 minutes.
She made it! We are so happy to see each other. In the afternoon, we head out for a hike and some geothermal viewing. Here we are at an overlook of the Biscuit Geyser Basin.
Kermit enjoys the overlook, too.

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